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    Apache Solr Development

    Apache Solr Development Services

    Apaches Solr is an Enterprise Level search platform based on the Lucene Java search library. This search platform by Lucene is highly scalable and meant to provide high end search features including faceted search, full text search and highlighting search hits among others. Apache Solr helps to build high level search options for the websites that deal with high volume of data. Lucene-Solr provides amazingly fast search function to match exactly the search query.

    Why Apache Solr Development?

    Whether its an e-commerce portal with thousands of products within embedded product lists or a website heavily filled with lengthy content pages, It's tedious to search across particular product(s) or content page(s). This is where open source Apache Solr comes in the action. Integrating Solr with a content management system makes document searching quick and effective.
    If your website contains big chunk of documents and files, you must have a well-defined content management architecture to allow quick search functionality. Solr's full text feature thoroughly analyzes each document from very scratch to end to deliver the most relevant results as per the search term triggered.

    Apache Solr Development: Key Features

    Apache Solr is feature rich and powerful search technology that facilitates distributed searching and multi-indexing to reduce overall search time. It can be integrated easily with e-commerce platforms Open Cart, X-Cart, Magento and CMS platforms Drupal 7 and WordPress. Here are some striking features of this enterprise level search platform:

    • HTML administration interface
    • User signal capturing
    • Query language supports structured as well as textual search
    • Highlighted Code Snippets
    • Dynamic clustering of items or search results into categories
    • Full-Text¬†Search
    • Server statistics exposed over JMX for monitoring
    • Result Sorting & Configuration
    • Auto-Complete Suggestions
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