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whatsapp bulk sender

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whatsapp bulk sender

Nowadays WhatsApp is a very common and most popular application to send and receive messages and Whatsapp is also used by many businesses to provide services to their clients.

So when WhatsApp is a very common application everyone has this mobile application in their mobile ao why can’t it can also be used as a source of marketing.

WhatsApp business is also an application provided by Facebook to business clients but it cannot be used to send promotional messages.

So after analyzing and researching in the market we have found that there are several companies in marketing who are providing Whatsapp marketing software ,Whatsapp bulk sender,whatsapp bulk message sender, bulk whatsapp message and various other software.

We have purchased many whatsapp bulk sender software but we are sorry to say that none on the Whatsapp blast software works as whatsapp starts to ban the particular number which the software used to send the messages so as an individual is not possible to buy new number everyday just to send whatsapp bulk messages .

One of the companies i.e Digitalgoods we have used their web application that they have provided us to use as demo and we are amazed to say that this web application actually works as whatspp bulk sender.

From their whatsapp marketing platform we have come know that WhatsApp can also be used as a marketing tool.

We have sent various whatsappbulk messages from their platform each one of them was perfectly delivered.

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