Manage your Business Leads using our Lead management software to track and monitor your sales leads.


    Lead Management Software

    LMS - Lead Management Software

    Leads are an integral part of any sales process and a lot of money is spent to generate sales leads. So inefficiency in lead management will disturb your business ROI. To address this issue, Solidale Infotech brings to you a lead management system / software that will help you organize your leads in a way so that you can manage track and monitor your business.

    Lead Management Software: Features

    Our Powerful management system helps you gain full control over your leads and your business monitor the full sales funnel system and also track campaign performance. The key processes that needs to be addressed to gain this control are as under:

    • Importing Leads – Bring all your business leads to one platform system and assign them to respective users
    • Lead Profiling – It is across the various matrix like Contact management, campaigns assoication etc. for a better results view.
    • Leads and Opportunities – Giving users the ability differentiate between leads and opportunities.
    • Powerful Communication Tools – Giving User tools to communicate with clients like Email, Phone, reminders etc.
    • Sales Funnel Tracking – Its help the management to see how they are travelling in the sales funnel.
    • Send Quotes – Help them send customer quotes and raise invoices and accept payments.
    • Lead Tracking – Helps the management to track campaign performance through rich reports and see which campaigns and users performing.

    Lead Management System: Implementation Process

    Each organization is different and so are there requirements. We at Solidale Infotech India, understand your sales process and help you put a system in place. Our Lead Management Software experts help you define the entire sales process and then help you implement in your business process. The various phases of implementation include:

    • Requirement Gathering
    • Defining the system
    • Desiging the Systems
    • System Implementation and Deployment

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