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    WhatsApp Customer Service Helpdesk Software

    WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk

    Solidale Infotech Introduces Cunnekt. Powered by WhatsApp Business API, Cunnekt is a WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk Software. It provides business an excellent way to engage and manage conversations with customers over WhatsApp, seamlessly. As customers are in hurry to get quick and convenient updates on the conversations they’re indulged in, Cunnekt ensures real-time communications, faster response times, and smarter resolutions of customer queries.

    WhatsApp Customer Support Helpdesk -Software Features

    Our WhatsApp based customer support helpdesk software makes your customer service & support quick and convenient. In addition, it lets you access your past customer interactions and the chat insights from one single interface. The software incorporates all essential customer support helpdesk features so that you can talk to your customers wherever they are.

    Cunnekt is multi-agent customer support software. It allows many customer service agents working together and onto one customer using the same dashboard to resolve customer queries without impacting efficiency. The software automatically tag, categorize and prioritize requests and assign these queries to the agents.

    The WhatsApp based customer support helpdesk software streamlines conversations running across agents into one place, keeps track of user requests and enables to deal with other customer support related issues promptly. In case any of the agents misses deadlines, helpdesks automatically escalate tickets to managers.

    The software is built to turn one-to-one customer communication into an easy affair. Agents can respond to individual customer from one place. The ability helps agents to support customers better. When an agent attends a customer on one-to-one basis, it becomes easier to track which customers already have answers and which tickets still need to be addressed.

    Cunnekt allows businesses to integrate business applications into it to send relevant alerts notifications and mission critical messages (such as Payment reminders, Appointment reminders, Order receipts and Delivery notifications) as WhatsApp messages. This means a customer can reply to WhatsApp message sent by provider instead of having to change the channel and call the provider. Agents serving the customers can see Message Delivered and Message Read notifications when they reply.

    With Cunnekt’s in-built analytics, you can track your chat across the channels and agents. Find the real time insights into average handling time, first response rates, time-to-resolution, etc. This advanced customer service reporting and analytics will help brands get into the details of customer, channel, and team data in real-time. Receive alerts and insights that require Immediate attention.

    Easily Connect With Your Customers

    Cunnekt is the most intelligent help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer and provides exceptional customer service. This fully automated customer system software enables agents to focus purely on answering tickets and offering quickest response possible.

    Web Based Interface

    Access essential WhatsApp based customer service helpdesk features from a single, intuitive interface.

    Centralize Communication

    Put all your customer messages in Front. Assign conversations for clear accountability and quick resolution.

    Fully Automated

    Fully automated ticket monitoring and chat management. Prioritize what’s important, and resolve queries faster.

    Live Conversation

    Real-time interaction between customers and agents through live chat. Give personalized attention to your customer queries.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Access and track distinguish reports to get deeper insights into response time, issue volume, and more.

    Auto Responses

    Save canned responses to answer common questions. Set reminders to automatically follow them up.

    Chat Management

    Cunnekt has an in-built chat management system that enables agents to organize their customer communication without missing a single moment. It eventually boosts customer experience and increases the chances of conversion. Our efficient chat management let agents help customers in real time, which increases customer satisfaction.

    These are the conversations that are still going on and resolution of the customer grievances is under way.

    These are the conversations that are concluded and no more communication is needed.

    These are the conversations that are yet to finish.

    Chats that have occurred recently whether Open, Close or Pending/dd.

    Contact Management

    It’s equally fun to add, edit remove contact list in Cunnekt before starting the campaign. Its intuitive interface lets you easily add and delete contact list. You can also import a contact list of subscribed users to launch a campaign. A search field is also available to find an individual contact from the uploaded list.

    Agent Management

    Cunnekt is designed to embrace a multi-agent chat platform. The platform lets multiple agents from different departments working together to resolve customer queries. The dashboard offers provisions to add and remove agents from the interface. Admin can assign chats to individual agents and may remove roles as well.

    Auto Response on onboarding

    Save time and effort. Get away from writing same greeting every time a new user onboards. Save pre-defined greetings, links, product pitches, and FAQs as auto responses. Just input the short code and hit enter. Now, it’s your customer’s turn.