Food Delivery App An Intelligent Food Delivery Solution for your Restaurant Business..


    Food Delivery Solution

    The food delivery app development is a complete solution for food ordering or delivery businesses with an intelligent order management system. The solution comprises apps for customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and an admin panel for the business owner(s). The food delivery application development apps are for both iOS and Android platforms. The solution is robust, secured, and scalable for any business volume.

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    Salient Features

    Browsing of restaurants

    Viewing of nearby restaurants based on current GPS location or by providing any other location

    Searching of restaurants or dishes

    Search restaurants or dishes by name or cuisine

    Filter restaurants

    Restaurants can be filtered by cuisine, average costing, offers, only vegetarian, popularity etc

    Menus and Dishes

    View menu items offered by restaurants with picture, name and price

    Easy ordering

    Select dishes to order, set the required quantity, select or set delivery address and make payment. Just that simple

    Order tracking

    Tracking of order status in realtime including current location of delivery personnel. Additionally the admin can view location of all delivery personnel with their status

    Easy payment methods

    Saving of cards for quick checkout. Automated payment on checkout saving the hassle of manually typing in card details everytime

    Rating and reviews

    Customers can rate and review restaurants and delivery experience. The delivery executives can rate the delivery experience

    View orders

    Restaurants can view the orders and their details through app. Admin can also view all orders or filter by restaurant or customer name

    Order status

    Restaurant can mark an order as handed over to the assigned delivery personnel. Delivery personnel mark orders as picked up or delivered

    Auto assigning of delivery personnel

    The nearest available delivery personnel is found through GPS tracking and order is automatically assigned

    Delivery details

    Delivery personnel can view the pickup and drop location of orders assigned

    Benefits of Our Solutions

    Save Time & Money

    We offer you simple yet complete solutions which let you get more benefits at fewer costs and lesser time.

    Customize as you Need

    The solutions we offer you are customized as per your preferences and requirements of the business.

    Latest Technology

    We wrap our arms around the latest technology to develop customized and high performance apps and solutions for you.

    You own the Code

    Not us but you are the one who owns the codes for the applications and the solutions we deliver to you.

    One Time Cost

    We don’t charge you again and again but a one time charge to keep you away from regular payment hassles.

    Life Time Support

    We offer Free Life Time Support post project delivery. This includes fixing bugs, resolving issues and training on the system.

    Assurance of Quality

    100% Quality standards and Client satisfaction are what we assure and ensure when we deliver. We strive to improve our people and processes continuously.

    Data Security

    Protecting confidential information of our clients is our top priority. We keep updated with latest data security best practices, compliance, and regulations.

    Facts and Prospects of Online Food Delivery

    Online ordering apart from being a convenience for the customers, it also benefits the restaurants by increasing efficiency, increase in sales. It also creates more jobs. Due to the multifaceted benefits food ordering is a growing business.
    In India online food ordering business grew at 150 per cent in 2016 with an estimated volume of USD 300 million.
    It removes errors and mistakes common with phone ordering (voice calls) due to various user accents. Also in traditional food ordering delivery executives need to know the area well, which also limits the area of delivery coverage.
    Still about 44% of food delivery orders are placed over phone, which will be shifting to apps and websites over the coming years.