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    Solidale Infotech has created benchmarks in the vertical of BlockChain app development. Our BlockChain development team has so far helped over 200+ businesses by developing and deploying fast and secure custom decentralized BlockChain applications. We are a leading blockchain app development services application development firm with rich experience in building innovative BlockChain powered enterprise solutions for different industry verticals. Our BlockChain development framework couples all its segments (artificial, Intelligence, data analysis, Internet of thing, and web security) together to create a solution that lasts.

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    Block Chain: Disruption To The Next Level

    Since its inception, Blockchain has been changing the dynamics in the way how existing technologies addressed the problems across industry verticals. Blockchain is unfolding new solutions on each passing day to disrupt the existing and stale business mechanism across the business establishments.
    Due to the massive potential it holds and the cost benefits it offers, global enterprises are adopting Blockchain technology for secure transactional computing. Even fortune 500 firms and world-leading tech conglomerates are excited about the technology and are seeing it as a key tool to improve their performance through innovative methods.

    Blockchain is designed around a shared, distributed ledger technology where each transaction taken place is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and integrity. Blockchain technology records transactions between two parties. It’s an effective, safe and secure way of making and recording transactions.

    Initially, Blockchain was developed to reinforce digital currency bitcoin, but later it was adopted as the most efficient technology against cyber fraud as it ensured financial transactions to be verified electronically over a network of computers.

    It all starts when someone sends a request for a transaction. The request is then transferred to a person-to-person network of computers that are called ‘nodes’. Now the node of networks runs its inbuilt algorithm to validate the transaction and the user’s status. A verified transaction could be anything from Cryptocurrency to contracts and records. Once the verification completes, the transaction is merged with other transactions to create a new block of data for the ledger. This new block is then added to the existing Blockchain. Now, the transaction is complete.z

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    POC Development

    Our POC (Proof of Concept) mock-ups are the solutions that we make to test ideas in real business scenarios.

    Private Blockchain

    Our team develops and deploys private, permissioned Blockchain to address client’s specific business requirements.

    Smart Contract

    Our Blockchain developers develop secure and seamless Smart Contract code to automate processes.

    Cryptocurrency Development

    Our team develops tailored Cryptocurrency Platforms to build custom cryptocurrency based projects.

    Wallets Development

    Looking a development team to for develop decentralized and secure mobile wallets for Cryptocurrencies? Tell us.

    Hyperledger Development

    Our development team develops decentralized applications using permissioned Blockchain like HyperLedger.

    Why Solidale Infotech for Block Chain Application Development?

    We are among the top players who are leading the Blockchain development vertical. Our team of Blockchain experts adopts the best strategy and planning aligned to your specific business needs. Our solutions are built and deployed around a customer-centric engagement model and provides the best blockchain app development cost for blockchain app development services.

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    • Client-Centric Development Best Practices
    • A team of 20+ expert software developers
    • High-security encryption in all digital coins and wallets
    • Cryptocurrency development from scratch with a unique code
    • Platform independent system
    • Cost-Effective Models and Solutions
    • Support and Maintenance Services